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Writing an MBA letter of intent or statement of purpose for MBA admission is a cumbersome task because all students want to write the perfect essay and gain admission into the program. All students have to submit a SoP. MBA applications without this essay will be discarded as incomplete. Since there is a lot of competition for such programs you have to write your MBA purpose statement in a clear and concise manner and engage the reader at the same time. We do this type of writing in an extraordinary manner.

Our Teams

Our company offers comprehensive assistance since it is not only one freelance writer but a bunch teams who will be working on your order to deliver the best quality.

  • SoP writers: Our writers are native English speakers; each has a PhD or Master’s degree in business administration and other business-related fields. By choosing us, you can be certain that an expert will write your paper that is compliant with the rules and instructions of the program or school. Get help from us and let us write and complete an excellent MBA personal statement.
  • SoP editors: Our editors are seasoned and experienced in the academic paper-editing world.  Your SoP will contain no mistakes in grammar, punctuation and spelling. It will also have no structural or flow issues for an amazing essay that the admissions committee will love. Get help from us and let our expert editors proofread and edit your statement of purpose for MBA.
  • Support representatives: One of the reasons customers hire us and come back for our service is our reliable support team that ensures every inquiry or concerned is addressed.  Our contact channels are also open 24 hours a day to ensure every customer feedback, suggestion or question is given proper attention.

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Creating an Impressive Statement

Writing a stellar SoP is possible provided you keep in mind certain guidelines followed by universities in reviewing applications. Before writing, you must consider an outline of the topics for coverage asked by the graduate schools. Plus, you should be able to list and cover those supporting details to help in verifying their claims in the statement. Typical examples of topics reviewed in a statement include academic interest, career goals, research experience, objectives, special skills, practical experience, and related materials showing your motivation or reasons for choosing their program.

Stick to the Main Points in Writing the SoP

Remember to stick to the points asked by the program. Saying that you must be able to tailor your SoP, not rehash what you have submitted to another program or restate your resume or CV. The statement is your first weapon to introduce yourself to the committee that wants to know the person behind those achievements and successes. Relate a story about you and tailor it based on the things asked by the program for you to cover in your SoP.

However, writing an anecdote, motivation story or example does not mean taking up too much space. Take note that most programs impose SoP length. Going beyond the length required is a no-no.  Check out the required length and take note of it when creating an outline. Divide your statement into sections. Each paragraph must have a main idea and supporting details. Remember to connect the paragraphs well together, ensuring that one main point will lead to the next for smooth flow and logical presentation.

Do Your Homework and Get to Know More about the School

For more help, search about that particular department and faculty in the university you’re applying. Look for key information about their professors and research.  You may want to highlight such information to show that you did your homework and you are genuinely interested to become a part of that program.  You may want to highlight some names of the professors and their research related to your interest.

Again, take note of the statement length.  Usually, it’s only one page for most programs. Stick to this limit. Additionally, write in an active voice and positive perspective.  The SoP isn’t the time to sound controversial to criticize something in the field.  Keep a positive tone. Use plain language. Don’t use clichés and quotations. Finally, polish your paper and make it look professional. Stick with a black and basic font.

At the end of the day, ask yourself, “Was I able to show the reasons why I want to enter the program?” If you answered yes, then you did a great job. But if you answered otherwise, you may need to revise and create another draft for review. For help, you may ask the experts for writing a stellar statement.

Our Statement of Purpose MBA Writers

The writers in our team hold MBA degrees from accredited universities. Many of them teach business administration courses and are very familiar with the requirements of a SoP for admission. Through our service, thousands of students have been successful in gaining admission to the school of their choice because of the outstanding essay they submitted.

Take a look at the services we provide for you to help with your MBA purpose statement:

  • Our goal is to make you stand out above the competition in the writing we provide for your MBA essay
  • We use a positive tone to highlight all your accomplishments. Even areas where you fell down a bit can be enhanced by showing what you learned from the experience.
  • We write an essay that is specific to each school. This is an important aspect of writing an MBA essay that most students don’t think about. A generic essay won’t do.

Get Professional Help with Your Statement of Purpose for MBA

Writing a SoP for admission essay is probably the most important piece of writing you will do, with the exception of your thesis. Therefore you do need to have a professional working with you for this reason. We customize every MBA SoP essay to the interests and experiences of the client. You can be sure of receiving an original statement of purpose of MBA just for you when you come to us for assistance.

Get started with an expert for the best statement of purpose for MBA essay. We are here to help so place your order today!

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  • Fully Tailored & Unique Document
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Thanks, Caitlyn!! I'm really impressed and you left me with no words but, Wow. Be sure I'll recommend other friends, if they need, to get this service only here, and be sure I'll email if there are any future similar tasks needed to be done. Appreciate all of your efforts. Very Glad to patronize with your company. And especially with you. Good luck to you too!
After several applications to an MBA program that didn’t go anywhere I decided to take a chance and hire a writing service to help me with the statement of purpose. I really lucked out with your service. I only ordered one personal statement because I wasn’t sure of what the standard of writing would be. It only took one order because that essay was the one that gained me admission to the program. Thank you so much.
Hong Kong
With the application deadline looming and no writing completed on my statement of purpose, it looked as if I would have to delay applying for the MBA program. You certainly came to my rescue in the writing service you provide. Not only was I able to meet the deadline, but the SOP was successful and I was admitted to the program at the university I always wanted to attend.
The draft actually reflects the professional approach. I really appreciate you putting efforts and giving the document professional acumen. Thank you so much.
Thanks for helping me with creating an excellent SOP. I have made some changes to it to suit my interests.
You’re awesome! Very impressed with your professionalism and dedication. I’ll definitely continue using your services.
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