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Career Goal Statement for MBA Writing: Useful Guide

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Importance of Your MBA Career Goal Essay

MBA degrees are very popular but are usually very oversubscribed. So you will need to ensure that your application is going to make you stand out a long way from those that you are competing with. This document is your opportunity to clearly show the committee how you will put what you learn through your MBA to good use. The committee will want to offer the place to someone that is going to really benefit and employ what they will learn. The clearer your goals are the more likely they are to offer you a place. should look through as many SoP samples as possible, both good and bad, to determine a strategy you will follow. It is very important.

Harvard Business School, for instance, admitted only 12% of those applying to them. Many of those that you are competing with however will have a very similar background and level of education. So your only way of standing out will be through a well-written career goal statement for MBA or statement of purpose. But writing an impressive career goals MBA essay is not something that many people find very easy. The standard that you will have to achieve is very high if you are going to make yourself stand out as an ideal student.

What to Cover within Your MBA Career Goals Statement

Your statement of purpose for MBA career goals has to be written in a way that is going to get the attention of the reader right from the opening line. You have to draw them in right from the start and then keep their attention right through to your final conclusions using a clear and concise storyline. How you write your MIS SoP can be as important as what you actually cover.

You will need to make your career goals for MBA clear and this means writing about all of the following within your statement:

  • Provide a clear understanding of why you are following the specific career path you are on
  • Where you see your future career
  • Show how your past career path supports your future goals
  • Show how the skills that you have developed and hope to improve will support your goals
  • Show how this specific program of study is important to you gaining your future

Remember also that your essay will also have a prompt, it is very important that you fully answer that prompt as well as all of the above.

Professional Goal Statement Example for MBA

Anyone with high aspirations and goals becoming an entrepreneur or a part of the business world should have an international outlook and know about the realities of international setups.

I am fortunate to possess a diverse background professionally and academically.  My experience has exposed me to different people, languages, culture and continents.  Being in India, I have also been knowledgeable markets in the country. I am prepared to face the challenges and demands that I will encounter while studying MBA at this school.I am determined, set goals and pursue my career ambitions, so I decided pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in _______.  However, I recognize the limitations in this field in India. With that, I decided pursuing an undergraduate degree in the USA. The ____ course I participated was run by ______.  Through this course, I gained valuable experience from the overall prestige and sophistication of the program. My coursework at the university was focused on accounting, marketing and different aspects of business.

Upon return to my home country, I worked in a different field that could let me use my skills.  I applied and worked at ______ where I learned management and sales marketing. I also learned to develop lasting relationships with our customers. I am working as a Sales Manager in the ABC Company. After five years of working in the company, I gained confidence and skills working in a dynamic international business setting. In my years of service, I have met different challenges and obstacles, so I decided to study and apply for an MBA program.

I believe that the next right move based on my career goals is to take a Masters in Business Administration course. Your school’s curriculum is the same to what I studied, but it is more diverse and challenging. I believe it will further develop my abilities.

I plan going back to ABC Company where I can apply what I can learn from your program that will benefit the company. I am eager of continuing my education and further my skills in the program.

Thank you for reading and consideration.

Writing the Most Effective Career Goals Statement MBA

Just covering what the committee needs to know is not enough. How you present that information is very important. The committee are going to read many different statements and most are going to look very similar. It is therefore very important that you write yours in a way that will make it stand out.

The following are what you should consider as you review what you have written:

  • Does your opening line make you want to read more?
  • Is there a clear flow through your statement that draws the reader along?
  • Have you avoided simply copying your resume?
  • Have you avoided the use of any cliché statements?
  • Does every line clearly support your career goals?
  • Have you included any irrelevant information?
  • Have you ensured that you are talking about yourself throughout?
  • Are your word choices appropriate?
  • Have you avoided the use of slang, acronyms, and industry-specific terms that may not be understood?
  • Is your writing clear and to the point?
  • Have you used clear concise examples to demonstrate your skills and avoided unsupported claims?
  • Have you proofread your writing very carefully to avoid any possible errors slipping through?

Remember as Natalia Lukina says writing for Caltech:

quote about career goal statement for mba

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