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The world sure does not revolve on money, but it certainly makes the world go round. Just like how you need not to keep family by your side every hour, but you need them to live well. During my high school, I have lived by this principle. Having both parents as Certified Public Accountants surely formed my younger years.

During college, I wasn’t forced by my parents to take up Accountancy. Contrary, they even told me NOT to pursue that field. It turns out that they were worried that I wouldn’t be able to take all the pressure that the degree demands. A retention, constant high grades or ‘you’ll be left behind’, as they say. Still, their worries did not worry me. Instead, I took it as a challenge. I feel like I have this constant addiction to challenges.  I would divert from what is norm and be different. I think that that is what sets me apart from others.

I managed to graduate as Cum Laude from my degree and worked on SW Inc. as an Audit Officer for 3 years. After which, I and two friends decided to put up our own accounting firm and we currently have two big manufacturing companies as our clients, and many small and medium enterprises employ our firm for external audit and accounting services.

With the above-mentioned achievements, I still know that I am lacking in many ways, which is why I decided to enroll at your institution for my MBA degree. I would like to have a better and wider understanding of the business world that would open up another world of opportunities because of the connections and exceptional teaching of your institution when it comes to Accountancy. Your school is the only avenue for me to further take on a wider approach to my college degree and see the business world in a whole new light.

mba statement of purpose examples

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