Getting Into IIT Delhi MBA Admission

iit delhi mba admission

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IIT Delhi MBA aims and objectives are to offer instruction that meet standards, to provide great facilities and provide leadership in laboratory development, examination systems and curriculum planning. It was establish for research and teaching programs. The campus is about nineteen kilometers away from Delhi main Railway Station.

IIT Delhi MBA Admission

Students with the following qualifications are eligible to apply for IIT MBA admission:

 iit mba admission

Bachelor’s degree in any branch of technology, pharmacy, architecture, agriculture and engineering

 iit mba admission

OR master’s degree in any branch of chemical, physical and mathematical such as chemistry, physics, statistics, mathematics, electronic science, computer application, operations research, environmental science, agriculture, information science and master’s degree in economics, commerce and ICWA

 iit mba admission

For students who are in their final year can apply for the program but they need to finish their final examination before last date of the registration

 iit mba admission

Candidates must need to complete and submit their application form online. They are need to printout and send it by speed post to the address provided in the official website of the program

Here are important dates that you should know:

Last date for receipt: January 13

CAT result announcement: Third week of December

Group discussion: March 12 to 15

Declaration of admission results: May 4

Tips in Creating Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Personal Statement

indian institute of technology (iit)

Show personal fit. You need to show what you can share or give to the program by presenting about your interests.

indian institute of technology (iit)

Keep short and long term goals connected. Ensure that you completely demonstrate the connection of your short term and long term goals.

indian institute of technology (iit)

Do not spell out your resume. Do not include information that can be found on your resume because it will only waste the space. Do not repeat information or facts that can be found in other documents.

indian institute of technology (iit)

Avoid generic statements. Generic statements are not appealing to read. The committees have read thousands of essays that are why they know what is being sincere. But don’t worry because we can help you with a statement of purpose for MBA admissions.

indian institute of technology (iit)

Tell why you chose the school. Avoid flattering the university instead better to explain about the unique characteristics of the school and what their offers that meet your needs.

IIT MBA Admission: Career Path

Most MBA graduates influenced their career based on what they have finished. For graduates, they have lots of choices to choose from because they can become part of business development company and choose to become general manager and project manager. There are even more choices for you out there, so consider top 10 MBA schools when you make your choice.

To become part of the program and to have a good career, make sure to meet all the IIT Delhi MBA admission requirements and submit all on or before the deadline.