GMAT Score for ISB In 2015

gmat score for isb

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The average GMAT score for ISB or the Indian School of Business is 710. However in the past, the school accepted applicants with a score range of 600 to 780. Although it is a big deal for the program and the school itself, the school is considerate enough to make things work between them and the student itself.

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ISB GMAT score must be passed with excellence, but the average score or considered by the school is something that changes year after year. Before you even worry about the school’s accepted GMAT score, why don’t you first understand important things that you need to know about the school. Let’s go ahead and discuss about that right now.

ISB Admission GMAT Score: About the School

Before you go on further wondering about the accepted ISB admission GMAT score, you must know a thing or two about the school or program you are looking forward to get involved. The Indian School of Business located in Hyderabad, Telangana and Mohali, Punjab was established back in 2011. The school is consistently ranked by the Financial Times amongst the best in global MBA rankings.

The GMAT score for ISB does not have a fix range or average result that one has to worry about, but is something that one may consider focusing before they even pursue a career in one of the school’s programs. Check out some of the things that one must know with the school’s program rather than their ISB GMAT score. Learn more about ISB Hyderabad admission criteria

  • Applicants must at least meet the recommended TOEFL score of 100 or IELTS score of seven out of nine.
  • Other than the need to submit their ISB admission GMAT score before the specified deadline, one must also submit their letters of recommendation in time. These letters may come from any person within your previous company who is authorized to make comments regarding your professional career.
  • Aside from getting a considerable and an average ISB GMAT score, applicants must also take note of and focus on the interview date advised to them by the ISB admission 2015 committee.
  • In the event that an applicant passed the GMAT score for ISB, but has not gotten any interview date, they can contact the Team Admissions at phone number 04023187403/74 or might as well email them at

The Selection Criteria GMAT score for ISB

Any participant who wishes to participate or join an ISB program would be evaluated based from a certain guideline. Though it may vary from time to time, here are the most common things that the school looks for their students to possess. Some of it is as follows.

  • Undergraduate degree performance
  • Family business knowledge
  • Work experience and achievements
  • Size, scale and complexity of length and complexity of business experience
  • Business leadership potential

Those are the things that one must focus regarding their program application for the Indian School of Business. Keep in mind that other than having a good ISB admission GMAT score, applicants must never fail to submit their application requirements in time so that they do not suffer from any failed program application.

Well then, check out their website today and get help with your GMAT score for ISB!