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MBA SoP Sample

At a young age, I have discovered my own definition of success: that is not giving up on any circumstance, no matter the trials or boulders blocking the way. Ever since I was young, I have been an achiever. I am an achiever not because I have an exceptionally brilliant mind, but because I work very hard in whatever comes my way, may it be an assignment, a project, program organization or a mere puzzle. Determination is the utmost foundation of my life and one that can never be learned in any textbook.

Growing up in a poor family, I learned how it is to eat that would suffice for that one particular meal. I haven’t had much experience in lavish living, it is because I value money in a way that other people don’t. With this experience and value in mind, it became a foundation for which career path I would be choosing in college. I took up Banking and Finance, one that never goes out of demand. I finished college with flying colors, as Magna Cum Laude, and I was immediately receiving love calls from various companies asking me to work for them. I decided to work at XYZ Bank as a Corporate Finance Officer for the next five years.

My five-year experience at XYZ Bank has honed me on so many ways my college never did. Indeed, the real world is a much more challenging place. It helped me develop my interpersonal skills as well as leadership skills since I was most often in charge of the financial projects of the company. Yet, as time passed, I never forgot a goal of mine that I wanted to achieve: an MBA degree at your university. I believe that your university is the perfect avenue for me to achieve more than what I can do today. I want to be a globally competitive graduate and with an MBA degree. With your exceptional faculty, learning materials and facilities in connection with finance and the business world, I know that a world of endless possibilities would be open for me.

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