How to Get Into ISB?

how to get into isb

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Getting into ISB is the same of other international schools because there are things you need to know. If you want to know on how to get into ISB, then this page will help you in gathering the information you need.

About ISB

The Indian School of Business or also known as ISB is a campus with beautiful site with open fields, lush greenery, landscaped areas and boulders. With its more than 260 acres, it gives all amenities that are required for your stay. The Academic Center is the heart of campus which classrooms, lecture theatres, 500 seat auditorium, Learning Resource Center and faculty offices are located.

Getting Into ISB School

The time you know about ISB or University of Delhi MBA, this is the time you should know the steps you need to do to become part of the university. You need to make sure you know what you are doing.

about isbGather details. It is essential to gather details about ISB School. The best place to start knowing about the university is to visit their website. The website provides the information that you need especially in applying.

about isbCheck admission section. It is essential that you visit the site to know about admission process. Schools post the admission process for students to have guide on what they should do.

about isbAttend free session. In your city, it is a good idea when you attend some free session because it covers numerous major cities in India and to some other countries too. You might also want to attend virtual information session.

about isbPrepare well. It is important that you will be well prepared. You need to be prepared for your GMAT. You need to know about your strengths and weaknesses so that you can address it. You can spend two months in bridging gaps. Ensure that you do not overdo preparing because you can suffer from practice fatigues. In addition, when you are taking questions and tests, you should not look at solutions but you also need to ensure that you understand the questions. It is better to review your paper because you submit.

about isbHave a good GMAT score. You need to have at least more than 700 score but it is not mandatory. If you have a good low score, then it does not mean that you cannot get into ISB. What you need to do is to take the exam again and be sure to improve your score. Submit your score to ISB when you are done with the test.

about isbApply online. You can apply to the website of the school. Bear in mind that you abide with the timelines of the university. Construct your essay and always be consistent in telling story when it comes to your strengths and aspirations.

about isbWait for interview. Wait for your application is shortlisted and wait for interview. Be patient in here and you need to be aware on what is happening to other candidates by visiting forums or community.

about isbAttend the interview. In attending the interview, you need to be self aware and confident where you want to go with explanations. Be positive all the time and do not give a bad impression when you show about your confidence.

Start to apply and wait for result.

If you want to have multiple options, we advise to learn more about XLRI executive MBA.

Be patient and you will become part of the ISB School as long as you meet all the requirements.