How to Write a Perfect GMAT Waiver Letter for Application

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What Is a GMAT Waiver Letter?

The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is a common application requirement for graduate level business or business-related programs. The purpose of the GMAT test is to test if your level of knowledge is sufficient enough for entering the college or the university.

A GMAT waiver letter is a formal written request by an applicant to the institution that is being applied to, asking that the GMAT requirement is dispensed with when considering their application for admission. There are many graduate programs that will consider waiving the GMAT if the applicant can meet certain requirements.

gmat waiver mba example
Each individual institution establishes what the requirements for a GMAT waiver will be for their own program. Typically criteria to waive the GMAT are:

  • An advanced degree (masters or above) in another field or 10 years minimum professional work experience
  • Letters of Recommendation (3 letters is fairly standard)
  • Copy of school transcripts (undergraduate and/or graduate school)
  • GMAT waiver letter

gmat waiver mba essay writing help

The Structure of Successful GMAT Waiver Request Letters

For the GRE waiver letter or for the GMAT waiver for MBA structure you need to pick the suitable format of writing and think ahead of all things that you need to put in, they have to be clear, concise and explain the reasons for writing in the most correct and effective manner. We recommend using the following structure that can save your time for the writing preparations.

  • Subject Line: GMAT/GRE Waiver Request
  • RE: Application to the ____ program
  • Salutation: “Dear Sir/Madame, Dear Admissions Committee…”
  • State the purpose of writing: Waiver request for the GMAT/GRE test.
  • State the reasons to apply for a waiver of the test: Mention your own personal reasons for waiving the test you are mentioning, some students appeal to their current work experience, business and the equivalent test scores that can dismiss the necessity of passing the test.
  • State your final appeal: Make a short summary of all the reasons mentioned earlier and sum up the points, the closing paragraphs can point out that you are waiting for the reply and the request approvement, express your interest by dropping several phrases and providing thanks in advance.
  • Closing remarks
  • Signature above your printed full name

tips on how to write a gmat waiver letter

How to Write a GMAT Waiver Letter

The purpose of the GMAT waiver letter is to demonstrate to admissions that you have the motivation and the intellectual ability to succeed in their program, thus making the GMAT requirement unnecessary. Here are the basics for writing a good GMAT waiver letter. Use a business letter format when writing your GRE waiver request letter.

First paragraph.

State the reason why you are writing the letter, which is to request that the GMAT application requirement is waived.


The body will generally consist of two to three paragraphs. This is where you have to convincingly demonstrate that taking the GMAT isn’t necessary. Show that you have the quantitative and analytical skills to process and evaluate information in a manner that helps in managerial decision making which is essentially what the GMAT is meant to determine. Showing that during your professional work experience (or while completing an advanced degree) you made use of the same skills measured by the GMAT is essential here. You must also show that your work performance (or previous academic performance) indicates that you possess those skills at a level high enough to perform well in the program you are applying to.


Provide specific examples from your work experience or previous academic experience that are related to skills measured by the GMAT to support your claim that you have these skills. Reviewing a GMAT waiver sample letter from a previous applicant can give you some idea how to structure your letter and the type of information and supporting information you should include. GPA waiver letter example and the sample of GMAT waiver you can find on the internet.
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