Important Information on XLRI Executive MBA Admission

xlri executive mba

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XLRI is one of the top business schools in India and it is included in the list of best business university globally. It was designed in educating working executives and students. They are offering executive MBA part time allowing students to pursue their education.

Admission in XLRI Executive MBA Program

executive mba from xlriHave graduate diploma in management or its equivalent

executive mba from xlriCandidates from premier B school will be given preference

executive mba from xlriCurrently employed in full time job

executive mba from xlriHave at least five years of full time teaching, research experience, managerial and executive

executive mba from xlriCandidates must hold bachelor’s degree with minimum the years duration in any discipline

executive mba from xlriSettle application fee worth Rs 26 lakh for 2 years. The fee includes accommodation but not boarding as well as incidental cost which include travel to China and USA

Writing XLRI MBA Personal Statement

When it comes to XLRI Jamshedpur executive MBA essay, it should be crafted in a way that will meet the needs and expectations of the admission committee. Here are things you should know so that you can convince and impress them.

xlri mbaIn writing executive MBA from XLRI, you need use sensory language. Write in terms of sounds, smells, taste, touch and sights.

xlri mbaIt is better when you break down large ideas into smaller concepts and sub-topics

xlri mbaWithout using any clichés, relate entities, events as well as concepts that readers already trusts and knows

xlri mbaThink about the persons you are addressing. It is important that you know them and know their strictness. You should gather details on what kind of essay or type of essay they want to read. These are the people-person who has interests to others.

xlri mbaNever forget to always proofread your essay. A personal statement with lots of mistakes is not appealing and will only disappoint the reader. Whether you do not have much time left, you still need to get rid or eliminate errors in your paper so that it will be easy to understand and appealing.

Career Path for XLRI MBA Graduates

executive mba from xlriConsulting

executive mba from xlriEntrepreneur

In conclusion, it is hard to study MBA but the time you graduated; there are lots of opportunities that are available to you. Start submitting all the requirements and creating your personal statement now! A lot of schools have promising programs, so have a look at an IIM Calcutta distance MBA and executive MBA IIM.

If you need help with your XLRI Executive MBA, feel free to ask our team for help!