IMT Ghaziabad Executive MBA Admissions

imt ghaziabad executive mba

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IMT Ghaziabad executive MBA is recognized by distance education council. Students across the world cal apply for the distance learning of the program and they are one of the promising leaders in the country. The distance learning is a 3 year rigorous program. The classes happen online through video conferencing and via offline. You can also consider your chances with the IIT Delhi executive MBA.

IMT Ghaziabad Distance Learning MBA Admission

imt ghaziabad distance learning mbaTo qualify for theIMT Ghaziabad distance learning program students need to meet the requirements and settle the demand draft worth Rs 1100.

imt ghaziabad distance learning mbaStudents must log on to the official website of the program

imt ghaziabad distance learning mbaComplete online application form

imt ghaziabad distance learning mbaCandidates must need to submit duly filled form from website of the MBA with documents to admission office

Candidates are exempted from admission test:

imt ghaziabad distance learning mbaStudents having 2 years of work experience after graduation

imt ghaziabad distance learning mbaLegal or technical professionals

imt ghaziabad distance learning mbaCandidates through-out 1st class

imt ghaziabad distance learning mbaHolder of diploma of 1 year program of IMT-CDL

Tips in Crafting Distance MBA From IMT Ghaziabad Personal Statement

distance mba from imt ghaziabadBe concise. Your essay must be of 500 to 600 words only depending on the word count required by the program. Always be concise in writing so that committee can easily get the key points.

distance mba from imt ghaziabadLook to the future. The essay is use in determining if you are perfect fit for the program. Therefore, you need to address why you want to become part of the program and present your future career aspirations.

distance mba from imt ghaziabadMake a research. Find out more information about the university before you start creating your essay. If there anything that catches your interests? If yes, explain and elaborate.

distance mba from imt ghaziabadTailor your statement of purpose for MBA. Make sure that you are writing the personal statement directly from the program.

distance mba from imt ghaziabadSell yourself. The essay is a requirement where you can really sell yourself that is why you need to do well. Even though you need to submit transcript and other documents, it is the requirements that will tell more about yourself.

Career Path for Graduates of IMT Ghaziabad

Graduates can become part of diverse sectors such as investment banking, consulting, FMCG and others.

To do well, ensure that your essay is well written and do your best in meeting all the requirements asked by the MBA program.

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