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Indian School of Business Hyderabad: How to Apply?

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ISB or Indian School of Business Hyderabad is one of the best universities in the nation. They are well known when it comes to partnerships and faculty. If you want to know more about the school, keep on reading.

Indian School of Business Hyderabad: Admission Procedure

It is important that you know about ISB Hyderabad admission criteria and ISB application deadlines because you cannot start applying to the university when you do not know about it.

  • You’ll be shortlisted for an interview when you submit your application online
  • November is the first round for interviews and the second round will be on January
  • Decisions will be announced when all of the interviews are done
  • ISB students can decide to reject or accept the offer; however, they need to settle INR 2,000 which is not refundable and INR 5,000 for students who want to enter the program of corporate leadership immersion

Eligibility for Admission to ISB

  • Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent
  • Work experience which is full time having two years of experience as a minimum
  • GMAT score
  • TOEFL, IELTS or PTE score

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ISB Hyderabad Admission Criteria

Asking how to get into admission in ISB Hyderabad? The answer is that you need to know about ISB admission procedure. You will be evaluated in three criteria that Adcom highlighted which are the leadership potential, diversity and academic background.

  • Leadership potential. Although the university does not expect a large population of leaders with great achievements, they want to see students who have good accomplishments based on their achievements in college and work. For leadership potential, students must show a recommendation letter as a proof, which is part of their application. It must highlight achievements that are recent.
  • Diversity. The ISB school is not just seeking for ITTians but they also seek for people with a diverse background, which include work experience, nationality and education. It is essential to present a different essay.
  • Academic background. The program is looking for students who can able to show the concepts they know about business. Students must need to master it and ensure that they will excel. For applicants, they need to submit GMAT score, average GPA to assess their comprehension and analytical skill.

ISB Application Process

Applicants must need to complete online application together with their application fee. For early submission, the fee is INR 5,000 and for regular application, the fee is INR 2,000. For late submission, it will be 20,000 INR. The TOEFL/ PTE/ IELTS, GMAT scores, two recommendation letters and essay must be submitted. The interview will be conducted at Hyderabad and for international candidates; the interview will be conducted over the phone.

There you go the things you need to know if you wondered how to get admission in ISB Hyderabad. It is essential that you meet all requirements and submit it on time. Do your best and ensure that you are prepared. Do not miss the opportunity of becoming part of the school especially if you believe that it will help you achieve your dreams of having a good career in the future.

When you like to apply at ISB, you need to know about Indian School of Business Management and Administration application tips. This is important so that you will know what you will need to do. It is your guide to apply.

indian school of business management and administration

Indian School of Business Management Administration Application Tips

  • Why you are applying to the school. If you apply to the Indian School of Business Management & Administration, you need to know why you are applying to it. It includes your desire or passion for the subject. You should know about your personal and professional goals. What are your professional strengths and academic strengths as well as weaknesses? You need to have a thorough understanding of the reasons why you are applying to the school because it will help you to convince the ISB admission 2015 committee that you are perfect for their program.
  • Start a school application. As much as possible, you need to start ISB management application as early as possible. You need to remember that you need to complete all the requirements and you cannot do this when you apply late. You need considerable time in completing all the documents like personal statement, GRE, references and official transcript of record. If you are applying to abroad, there will be some additional requirements you need to submit which include English proficiency tests such as TOEFL or IELTS.
  • Check deadlines. Knowing about the deadlines for submitting requirements and application in ISB is essential. It helps you in balancing your time so that you can able to complete all requirements. It is essential that you check once in a while the dates because some of it are being changed. You need to be updated on the deadlines and dates.
  • School advice. When you are done researching, you can get school advice from the program you are applying, such as from school alumni, students and admission advisors or staff. Doing this will help you to know what you need to do.
  • Write personal statement right away. The personal statement and ISB essays are not easy to write because you need to invest much time. It is better when you start writing it the time you know the prompts and the instructions. Make sure that you set yourself apart from others to be accepted.
  • Learn from rejections. If your application is not successful, take the chance to learn what mistakes you have done. You need to learn from rejections because it will enhance your skills and improve yourself. You can request for a feedback on the school so that you will know what you have done and they will help you on some things to make your successful application when you need to apply again.

In this world, it is not easy to apply because you have many competitors, but you can be sure to get into ISB when you do well in meeting all the requirements.

You should not waste your time to complete all the documents and to meet the deadline on time. An early application means a higher chance of being accepted as long as you have good scores and essays.

Apply to Indian School of Business Hyderabad with our help now!