Indian School of Business Mohali: How to Apply?

indian school of business mohali

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The Indian School of Business Mohali is a self-sustaining community that is spread across more than 70 acres of land, which was designed by Perkins Eastman who is based in New York. The school also ranks amongst the few that meets the Leeds Gold Sustainability category by incorporating energy efficient electrical and mechanical equipment, harvesting of rainwater, reactive environmental controls and maximized lighting fixtures. Other than that, the school features many cool and innovative learning infrastructures. The following list is showcased for students to take advantage.

indian business school mohaliAuditorium with 500 seating capacity

indian business school mohaliLecture theaters

indian business school mohaliVideo conference rooms in High Definition

indian business school mohaliEasy access to various online and digital resources

indian business school mohaliCashless payment options using smart cards

How the Indian School of Business Mohali is designed

The Indian Business School Mohali features the central academic block that comprises of different buildings, but is still under one roof, is the heart and center of it. On the other hand, the outdoor space that connects multiple facilities featuring formal courtyards, which protected against the heat of the sun done through fabric canopies and trellis, while the informal ones connect the gardens. In order to provide its students with accessibility to the school administrators, the administration block is located in two separate levels of the Indian School of Business Mohali building.

How Is the Indian School of Business Mohali Campus Compared to the other one in Hyderabad?

The Indian Business School Mohali, compared to Indian school of business Hyderabad, has a smaller class size compared to the Hyderabad campus.

However, the way students would learn from their professors is exactly the same since the school’s instructors are common in both of campuses. Other than that, the Mohali campus is also pretty much modernize in terms of its infrastructures.

In other cases that may matter to its students and their parents, the school distributed faculty members equally in both communities of the Indian School of Business Mohali. This move goes to show that the school does not favor any of the two campuses. Moreover, the school has highly efficient professors that can be found in Mohali and Hyderabad.

How to Apply at Indian Business School Mohali

Getting in touch with the Indian Business School Mohali is never easy due to the availability of several communication highways for students to get in touch with any of the school’s departments like the faculty and admissions office. Students can dial the school’s direct number at +91-172-459-0000, their email address or visit their website at This makes applying at the school’s programs easier than usual. Take note of the following regarding their application processes done online.

Stage 1 – Submission of online application, 1-page resume and an essay

Stage 2 – Once students are shortlisted, they will be prompted to submit their GMAT scores

Stage 3 – appearance of an on-campus selection process

That is all that you need to know about Indian School of Business Mohali application processes and ISB admission requirements. Students should also keep in mind that they do not have to submit any kind of physical document.

Go online today and check out the programs that the Indian School of Business Mohali does offer!