International MBA Application Statement of Purpose

international mba application statement of purpose


Importance of the International MBA Application Statement of Purpose

The number of international MBA applicants is increasing on a yearly basis, making entry into MBA programs more competitive. It is important that foreign applicants know what to include in their statement of purpose for international business management if they hope to be competitive for the limited openings available in MBA programs.

What to Include in an International MBA Statement of Purpose

The statement of purpose for MBA international business applicants is a chance to directly address admissions boards and present a case for being admitted into a program. The statement of purpose provides insight into an applicant’s character and can reflect qualities that aren’t shown by test scores and grade point averages. The following are seven essential things the international MBA application statement of purpose should show or include:

statement of purpose for mba international businessPersonalize your SOP – Your SOP should draw on personal experiences and avoid sounding generic.

statement of purpose for mba international businessBring out your passion for the subject – Show a true passion and desire for the field

statement of purpose for mba international businessShow leadership attributes-Provides instances where you have assumed a leadership role

statement of purpose for mba international businessBe positive – Present yourself in a positive light and avoid any negative portrayal of yourself

statement of purpose for mba international businessProvide goals – The SOP should show both long term and short term goals you have and how being accepted to the program affects your goals

statement of purpose for mba international businessProvide information on why your interest in a specific school and program – What attracted you to this program?

statement of purpose for mba international businessShow your proficiency in the language – Although you may be a foreigner you will be held to the same standards as a native English speaker.

The following is an example of an international MBA application statement of purpose:

“I grew up in the Philippines and then attended UC Berkeley, where I studied Chinese literature. After completing my BA in Mandarin (with honors), I managed purchasing and database projects in the computer industry for two years before I decided to bolster my career with a few classes in business. I enrolled in night school at California State University to learn more about purchasing and supply management.

During my first class in finance, I was mesmerized by the complexity and elegance of the material. My classes in international finance were particularly appealing. I scrutinized case studies, carefully identifying and interpreting meaningful facts to assemble a financial model that would allow for scenario and what-if analysis on key variables. I was captivated with foreign exchange risk and political risk, as these issues have tremendous impact on the outcome of a financial analysis project of international scope. After graduating with honors, I was solicited by ABC Inc., which valued my dual background in purchasing and financial analysis. I joined the firm and have been pleased with my progress within the company.

Although I enjoy my success in an industry-respected firm, I am eager to advance to a leadership position that will use my background in finance. With its intriguing classes, global focus and overseas study programs, Stanford offers an excellent opportunity to acquire a solid business education in a community of like-minded professionals. I am eager to embrace all relevant opportunities to increase my knowledge of the global economy. Eventually, I hope to lead my own financial services organization, serving corporate clients and small investors in the Pacific Rim. Stanford’s real-world education will enable me to develop the skills and understanding to become an accomplished leader in the world economy.”

The author of the SOP shown here has done a good job in most respects. They have included personal experiences and shown a passion for the subject, as well as providing information on why the particular school. The SOP is positive and upbeat and contains future goals and demonstrates command of the English language. It does lack details that show leadership attributes but that is the only area in which it really lacks.

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