ISB Admission 2015: Requirements that You Have to Know

isb admission 2015

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The ISB admission 2015 applications requirements must be completed before the end of the date or dates specified in the admissions calendar. The application for the academic year starts from August 20, 2015. The results for the first and the final application rounds would be announced both at the same time.

Though some may be confused about it, ISB Hyderabad admission 2015 made it really simple for its applicants to understand the requirements they must accomplish. The first thing that one must understand about ISB admission procedure is that the application fee for round one would cost them 10,000 Indian Rupee, while the final application would cost 15,000. Applicants must also understand that the application fee is non-refundable and that it has to be paid at the same time the application was submitted for ISB admission 2015.

Major Requirements for ISB Hyderabad Admission 2015

Other than the applicants need to submit their ISB Hyderabad GMAT score results, one must know that there are other requirements that they must be able to accomplish before a specified deadline. In order to refresh or give you an idea about it, check out the following info about Indian school of business Hyderabad admission. Let’s get started.

isb hyderabad admission 2015Applicant Account – the Post Graduate Program (PGP) is done online, which makes it accessible anywhere in the world.

isb hyderabad admission 2015Applicant Information – applicants who wish to include their names in the ISB Hyderabad admission 2015 must be able to fill in necessary information about their academic record, extracurricular activities, awards, achievements and academic records.

isb hyderabad admission 2015Application Fee – can be made using MasterCard or VISA as well as internet banking payment options.

isb hyderabad admission 2015Essays – though the number of essays that applicants need to submit each year changes, one must prepare and introspect convincing arguments upon submitting it.

isb hyderabad admission 2015Recommendations – a couple of recommendations or evaluations must be submitted coming from an applicant’s workplace is required.

isb hyderabad admission 2015Test Scores – as mentioned above, an applicant’s ISB Hyderabad GMAT score are required for all applicants, while those whose undergraduate program was not instructed in English must prove their language proficiency by submitting IELTS or TOEFL scores.

isb hyderabad admission 2015Other Documents – finally, program applicants must submit or upload a scanned copy of their passport, statement of integrity and photograph (passport size).

An applicant who is to be selected in the program is a highly competitive program and selective process. Therefore, one must understand the need to make it a must for them a good quality application.

Applicants must also ensure that their application is reviewed before its final submission so that they won’t be going through any failed application to the program.

There you have it, the top requirements for ISB admission 2015 that applicants must not fail to submit on or before the specified deadline that was advised by the school’s admissions committee. Make sure that you also try hard in getting a high in their ISB Hyderabad GMAT score.

Check your admission requirements checklists so that you do not miss any of it and end up failing your application because of that.

Good luck with your application and ISB admission 2015!