ISB Admission Requirements

isb admission requirements

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Knowing about ISB admission requirements is important because you help yourself to be prepared. If you know it, you can balance your time and to think what requirements you need to complete the first and the last.

How to get Admission in ISB

Wondering how to get admission in ISB? You should not worry because when you know about the requirements, you can able to know what steps you need to undertake. The application is available on August 20, 2015 and they only accept online applications wherein printed application is not available. Students can save as well as review the details before submitting.

The following documents must need to be scanned and to be uploaded together with the application:

how to get admission in isbPassport photocopy

how to get admission in isbColor photograph

how to get admission in isbBachelor’s degree transcripts or mark sheets in all semester years

how to get admission in isbBachelor degree of certificate

how to get admission in isbProof of income

how to get admission in isbOrganization chart

how to get admission in isbBusiness card

how to get admission in isbCompany support letter which is not applicable to business owners and self employed

Additional Details About Application

how to get admission in isbEmployer support letter. Candidates need to furnish letter from employer saying that they are allowed to participate in the program. In the letter, it should state nature and extent of the sponsorship. It can be submitted together with application or together with admission or acceptance offer. For business owners and self-employed applicants, they are not required to submit the document.

how to get admission in isbRecommendations. Students should submit two professional evaluations. The schools are strongly recommended that students should choose online evaluation. For students who are employed, they need to request a letter from their current manager and to the previous manager.

how to get admission in isbMisplaced educational documents. it’s mandatory to submit a Bachelor’s certificate and transcripts for all semester years. For misplaced documents, it is advisable for students to get a copy in the school at the earliest time.

Eligibility for Admission

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • GMAT score( even though it is not official, it is essential to provide score)
  • Minimum of 2 years full time work experience except for students with great demonstrable achievements

The code in sending GMAT score is N2DJ501 (IELTS or TOEFL or PTE score (this is required for students who part of non-English medium).

The institution code for the TOEFL score is 9047

ISB Admission Procedure

For ISB admission procedure, you need to apply online since printed application is not available. It is important that you submit all the documents required together with your application. If you check the website of the school and look at the ISB application process, it will tell whether you need to submit other documents with your application or submit it in another file.

As much as possible, you need to read the instructions in the website. Follow it correctly, so that your application will not be rejected. You also need to submit your application on time because there are schools that do not accept late application.

Finally, it is good to apply for ISB school because it can able to meet your needs and give the education you want but you can never become part of it when you fail to submit all the requirements. Make sure that you submit it on time to qualify.

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