ISB Application Process

isb application process

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Every applicant in Indian School of Business is evaluated carefully and when you like to become part of the university, you need to do well. Knowing about ISB application process is essential to help you become prepared. Continue reading and learn how to get into ISB.

ISB Application Process

  • Academic Credentials. With this, it evaluates you through your past academic performance as well as your performance in your GMAT exam. They consider 12th standard grades, post graduation, certification scores and graduation grades.
  • Leadership potential. Students are evaluated through their past personal and professional life. Students will be assessed through their initiatives, responsibilities and career progression. They will be engaged to professional evaluation.
  • Personal attributes. In ISB University, they are looking for well-rounded and versatile students who can able to contribute to their society as well as to other meaningful ways. They are seeking for students who can bring different perspectives in class and different point of views.

How Admission Process Works

Before you apply to the university, it is essential that you know about ISB application deadlines because it is your guide on where you need to complete certain requirements and when you should submit your application.

isb application

If you’re applying to ISB School and wondering on chances on becoming part of it, it is helpful when you understand Adcom will slot applicants into p1, p2, p3, and p4. The coding scheme gives you an impression on odds increase and decreases in numbers:

  • Category p3. With this, you need to have a high score GMAT to get into, you need to have 770 to 780 score, impressive extracurricular as well as great accomplishments. If you have it, you can able to get an interview.
  • Category p1. This is where diversity applicants will comes in. ISB do not have same diversity on cultural that America, Asia and European offer. What they do is to look for different backgrounds. Students should have strong GMAT and essays to get an interview.
  • Category p2. In this category, you need to narrate a story that is different from other candidates having your background. If you want to make a good impact, you need to do it.
  • Category p4. In this category, number signifies. Students with low GMAT score will be dumped. The only way you can able to convince the committee is that you need to impress the committee that you deserve to win the competition.

What Committee Is Looking for in ISB Applications?

Applicants will be judged in three aspects: the academics, leadership, and interview. In academic, it covers your GPA, exams, and percentage. In leadership, you need to show about your professional accomplishments together with extracurricular activities you have done. In an interview, the committee wants to see the figures and facts you have submitted.

To sum it up, there are requirements for ISB application and steps you need to do. You need to submit an essay, test exams and attend the interview. If you want to become a student of ISB, then do your best and show what you have got to the committee.

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Do not waste your time and start ISB application process today!