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Key Facts About IIM MBA You Should Know

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Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode started in 1996 but the first batch of students consisting of 42 started in 1997. Over the years, it has grown tremendously with 356 students. There are lots of activities that can be found in the school and in the year 2003, the institute moved to its new campus.

Admission to IIM Kozhikode Executive MBA

  • Candidates must have a Bachelor degree or its equivalent with fifty percent marks from recognized board
  • Candidates need to pay Rs 2000 as their online application
  • Candidates need to complete an online application form
  • Last date for receipt application: October 4
  • EMAT entrance test: April 25
  • Personal Interview: April 25 to 27
  • Announcement of selection list: November 5
  • Induction and orientation to the program: December 6
  • Commencement of classes: Evening batch June 18

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Writing IIM Kozhikode Executive MBA Personal Statement

  • Use sample personal statement as a guide. If you are not sure about what you will include, it is necessary that you read samples so that you have a guide. To use them magnificently, it is better when you take notes of the characteristics that are common.
  • Be specific. Always be specific all the time in writing your personal statement like in presenting yourself as the best candidate.
  • Be honest. Don’t make up experiences, achievements and stories just to grab the attention of readers. Lying is not acceptable and when you caught, your application will be terminated. Even though you do not have much experiences and achievements, tell the truth because the committee will understand it.
    Admission in Distance Learning MBA From IIM
  • Candidates must need to complete the common application form as the first step in the admission process. The selection is on basis of application material and performance in program aptitude test that is conducted by the university
  • Depending on the course that students want to pursue, the criteria would be different.
  • Bachelors/ICWA/CAs with no less than one-year work experience
  • Candidates need to take the national level exam, 1 interview and pay the request fee

Note: The request fee varies from three lakh INR to five lakh INR depending on the course that the students want to pursue

Writing Personal Statement IIM Calcutta Distance MBA Tips

  • Take the essay very seriously because it is a deciding factor to make your application be successful
  • Give yourself enough time in writing the essay
  • Read and follow instructions in writing your personal statement
  • Ensure that you write an interesting and positive essay that will get the attention of the readers
  • Ensure to address specific information
  • Do not forget to provide evidence especially on your claims
  • Make your personal statement distinctive or unique
  • Be succinct and avoid the ambiguous and long word
  • Always adhere to word limits
  • Tailor your essay to the program you’re applying for
  • Be sure to check the grammar and spelling of your paper

IIM Calcutta Distance MBA Career Path for Graduates

The time you are done studying IIM Calcutta distance MBA, it is the time you seek for perfect job that is right for you. You can decide to become an analyst or to be a consultant. These two are one of the demand jobs for management graduates.

It is not easy to study MBA program because there are many things you need to learn but the time you invest studying will be worth it when you graduate and find a job. Graduates can easily find jobs on consulting and analyst.

Career Path for IIM Indore Executive MBA Graduates

There are numerous opportunities for IIM Indore executive MBA, graduates can choose to work on investing company, consulting, financial planning and others.

Graduates of the MBA program have lots of opportunities to receive a better career and future. If you are planning to study MBA, you need to know what are the requirements that the school is asked you to submit and submit it on time, as well as check the requirements for IIM Kolkata executive MBA. Be aware of the dates and take note of it so that you will not forget when you need to submit the required materials. To be able to apply for different programs, you need to follow certain requirements. That’s why you need to get acquainted with the XLRI executive MBA and IIM Calcutta distance MBA.

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