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Help With MBA SoP to Cover Up Test Scores

Write a MBA SoP to cover up Test Scores and Bad Grades

It isn’t always grade point averages or test scores that make a person’s career successful. Often, it is the strength of character that an individual has that enables them to overcome obstacles and succeed in their endeavors. A MBA SOP can and should reflect this, especially if your grades and test scores are not the best.

What to include in a MBA SOP to cover up test scores and low grades

The following are five things you can include in your MBA SOP to cover up test scores and low grade point average:

  • If your major GPA is significantly higher than your undergraduate GPA, be sure to point that out in your SOP
  • Personal Problems. A common reason that can justify your bad performance in one semester can be personal health or unfortunate personal reasons.
  • Show the admission committee that you are a professional and serious student who has clear aims and goals in life. This can offset lower test scores
  • Financial Problems. Another way to explain low GPA in a SOP can be related to financial problems. For example if you had to study and work at the same time to make ends meet.
  • Provide explanations, not excuses. Also explain that problems are in the past and have been resolved.

Three things not to include in your MBA SOP are:

  • Drama, complain or whining about the system or circumstances in your life like poverty.
  • Excuses that place blame on another person.
  • Poor grammar and spelling. You are trying to show poor test scores don’t reflect your capabilities.

Here is an example of a MBA SOP explaining low test scores:

“Despite my best efforts, I have been unable to achieve the GMAT scores that are expected at a business school of Georgetown’s caliber. Over the Christmas holidays, I took a leave of absence from my job and spent long hours every day preparing for the test. My extensive preparation included a GMAT prep course at Temple University, along with private tutoring sessions with a faculty member. Even with personal coaching, I have been unable to exceed a score of 650. I am frustrated by these results, as they do not reflect the academic excellence I have displayed in the classroom (undergraduate GPA of3.92).

Despite my difficulty with the GMAT, I am convinced that I am an excellent candidate for your program. Over the past decade, I have developed myriad practical skills that cannot be assessed by standardized testing. I am fluent in four languages and a successful marketing manager for a Fortune 100 company. In challenging business situations, I have proven myself to be an excellent manager of people, projects and resources. Between 1999 and 2003, I published four academic papers on cross-cultural marketing in peer-reviewed journals in the United States and Japan. Clearly, my GMAT scores do not accurately reflect my fluency in English or my reasoning skills.

Although I respect your use of the GMAT as a screening tool, I hope that you will consider the “full picture” of my academic, professional and cross-cultural training in making your final admissions decision. I have worked very hard to achieve aggressive professional goals, and I will bring a wealth of practical experience to the classroom. If given the opportunity, I will be a tremendous asset to Georgetown.”

The following is a list of 10 school where you can get an MBA without GMAT test scores:

  • DePaul University (Kellstadt) – Can opt out of GMAT with work experience
  • University of Phoenix
  • Lake Forest College
  • Loyola University – Executive MBA, Must have 7 years business experience
  • Boston University – Executive MBA, 10+ years work experience
  • Devry University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan) – Executive MBA
  • Villanova University – Executive MBA
  • UCLA – GMAT can be waived if possessing an advanced degree in a quantitative area
  • New York University(Stern)- Executive MBA
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