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how to write a statement of purpose for mba marketing

Taking up an MBA course on marketing is a big advantage to you in the long run. However, before you get to think about your future work, you need to consider how you’re going to get your application approved. Aside from building impressive academic standing in your undergraduate years, you also need to develop a good statement of purpose marketing so your bid for the MBA program will be noticed by the right people. If you are having a hard time writing a SoP for marketing, it might be a good idea to hire an expert writer to assist you.

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Know where to draw a line between a mediocre and a stellar statement. The first one has a low chance of being read to the finish. It bores the reader and sends some of them to sleep. This application is trashed from the first 10 seconds. The second one is what’s read from the start to the finish. It is able to spark the reader’s interest to keep going, reading and convincing them that “I want to meet this applicant and person. He seems a good fit for what we’re looking for.” How can you create that impressive application? It’s easier than you think it is.

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statement of purpose for mba marketingYour marketing statement of purpose for MBA admission should contain information that is not seen in your resume. Aside from stating your reasons you should also provide instances or situations wherein your skills are highlighted so that your readers will get an idea on how you came to choose this kind of course for your future. However, you need to paint a picture for your readers and to do this you need to write in such a way that your target audience will find it hard to put your paper down.

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Professional Marketing Purpose Statement

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marketing job statistics overviewWriting a Unique, Convincing SoP for Marketing

Make a research about the school, their culture, population, faculty, research and mission. What characteristics are they looking for students? What potentials– leaders, visionaries, innovators – are they looking to add in their diverse community? What kind of professionals are they looking for to become their future ambassadors about their school’s excellence? How are they training and improving the skills and knowledge of their students? What are their goals aligned with yours? What are their research interests similar to yours? As you notice, aligning your SoP for marketing with what they are looking for makes a customized paper.

Leaving a Great Impression

First impressions last. A cliché as it may sound but the statement is what gives them that first impression – positive or negative – about you. Make the statement count and work for your favor. Tailor it with your unique story and description that is only yours. This is the exact reason it is a big mistake to copy someone else’s SoP. That’s not your story; it will not work. Do not consider adding drama or injecting humor in your statement. Just write to the point.

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Highlight your potentials and things to bring on the table if they counted you into their program. What contributions could you possibly add to their diverse community? How are you suitable to become one of their ambassadors for future students and researchers? How are you a leader and a thinker of your own?  You can leave a good impression if you would tie and connect all these things and come up with a strong SoP for marketing that shows them, “I am who you’re looking for to fill this slot up.”

Keep all these tips in mind when designing a stellar, well-glued statement that stands as one to represent and speak for you in front of the screening committee that filters every single applicant to look for that unique student to become a part of their growing community.

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