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SoP for MBA in Communication Writing Help

statement of purpose for mba in communication help

Statement of Purpose for MBA in Communication

An MBA in communication is a much sought after degree and those possessing such a degree are themselves in demand by many companies. This makes communication MBA programs very competitive to get into and increases the importance of both US and international MBA application statements of purpose.

There isn’t one style of writing the SoP for MBA in communication that assures admission into a program. However being interesting, unique and communicating what you want to say effectively are elements of a style that will get you viewed favorably:

  • Be unique. This may be the hardest thing to achieve overall. Try and write a SoP that is different than any other. The main thing is that your SoP stands out in some way.
  • Be interesting. Tell a story. Use anecdotes from your past. Stories don’t have to be exciting. Any story is more interesting than a list of achievements
  • Communicate effectively. Demonstrating command of the language and your communication skills doesn’t mean using big words. It means communicating an idea as clearly and concisely as possible in the easiest way.

Here are five dos for writing the SoP for MBA program application:

  • Do be specific – provide evidence and examples to back up what you say.
  • Do be concise – Get rid of unnecessary words and information that don’t serve a purpose
  • Do show your passion for the field – Demonstrate to the reader you have a passion for the program you are applying to.
  • Do provide information on why you chose the school and program – Admissions boards like to know what it is about their school and program that attracted you to apply.
  • Do proofread and edit – A statement of purpose with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors is going to hurt your chances. Proofread and edit before submitting.

The following are five don’t s for you SoP for communication MBA

  • Don’t use clichés. Try and come up with the original wording
  • Don’t repeat information from other documents. The reader has already seen it. Give them something to read they don’t know but should.
  • Don’t try and be funny. You probably are not.
  • Don’t use long flowery statements and big words. It doesn’t impress and is often a sign to admissions boards that you are covering up the fact you have nothing to say.
  • Don’t try and use the same statement of purpose for every school. Every school is different and it is usually spotted when applicants try to use the same SoP for every application.

mba in communication application essay

Here is an example of a statement of purpose for MBA in communication:

“As a professional who graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree from ABC College, I would like to apply for the Communication MBA program at your esteemed university. Through this program, I expect to develop myself into an ideal professional with interdisciplinary knowledge both in management and in a particular technical field of specialization.

This determination is the result of my work experience during the past several years. I first worked at XYZ company to undertake software development, and experienced the advantages of teamwork. Later, I worked as manager of software development at Ohm Electronics Company. I became increasingly conscious of the importance of management and communications. Since 2007, I have been working at DNS Broadcast & Television Information Network Co. After being designated as the permanent deputy director of the Office of Technology, I was in full charge of technological planning in every aspect. During my tenure of office, I undertook the construction of a new-generation CATV network, which was the largest project in the company’s history with a long term cycle and a vast number of department personnel. I took an all around responsibility for this project from the very beginning till it was put into operation, including investigation and study, planning, designing and marketing, which contributed to greatly to my experience.

My goal is to study in a top university such as Basic University. Its MBA Communications program enjoys a worldwide reputation, and in terms of resources, academic achievements, and other conditions, Basic University can be ranked first-class in every aspect. Thus I am determined to devote myself to studies and practice there, and keep myself abreast with the latest developments in my chosen field.

I am fully convinced that I have been well prepared and am qualified for meeting the challenges of your MBA program and look forward to meeting those challenges with the utmost enthusiasm.”

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