Statement of Purpose for MBA in Information Systems

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mba in information systems management application

Statement of Purpose for the MBA in Information Systems

A statement of purpose for the MBA in information systems is currently the most popular of the MBA programs out there. A popular program means a program that is competitive to get into. This makes the statement of purpose information systems MBA applicants write even more important.

Writing the Statement of Purpose for an MBA in Information Systems

The following key features should be included in management information systems MBA SoP, however, most of the tips below are of universal value and will work out for a statement of purpose accounting too:

  • Explain what first made you become interested in Information Systems and when that was
  • Discuss some of your specific long term and short term goals
  • Explain your reasons for wanting an Information systems MBA
  • Explain what you have to offer the program, and not just what the program can offer you
  • Explain why you have selected a specific program and school. What specifically attracted you?
  • Show some personal attributes/qualities that will help you succeed in the program that isn’t reflected in other material
  • Show how being accepted into the program directly affects your specific goals
  • Demonstrate that you have researched the school and program by including information that isn’t readily available
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills
  • Demonstrate/show your enthusiasm and passion for the subject

Some of the things admissions boards are looking for include:

  • Highly motivated students who effectively communicate why they are applying.
  • Proof that the decision to pursue a particular career is an informed decision.
  • Reasonable and well-informed goals rather than unrealistic dreams

information systems mba essay help

Looking at a sample statement of purpose for management information systems MBA successful applicant to the program can give you an idea what admissions boards want to see. There aren’t specific numbers for how many applicants are applying for admission to programs that offer an MBA in information systems. What is known that it is extremely competitive to get into a program even by MBA standards. If writing a statement of purpose that will get you into a competitive program is giving you difficulties, our service can help.

MBA in Management Information Systems Salary

MBA in management information systems salary has been steadily growing through the years in connection with the advancements in technology and an increasing need for experts in Systems analysis and Computer network architecture. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics for May 2015, the Median Annual Salary of an MIS Director with an MBA is $131,600 for Systems Analysts with an MBA, it is $85,800 and for a Computer Network Arhitect with an MBA, the figure is $100,240.

In addition, the projected job growth from the year 2014 to 2024 is from 9% to a staggering 21%. And in India, which is one of the best countries for MBA graduates in IT, MBA in information systems salary is unsurprisingly also high. According to the salary comparison portal, Payscale, the average salary for graduates of this field is Rs805, 000. With these amounts, it is no wonder many students are taking interest in applying for an MBA admission.

Our MBA SoP Writing Service

We offer SOP writing services for any type of MBA program. The writers we use are skilled professionals with extensive MBA statement of purpose experience. They will write a completely original SOP customized to your specific requirements. Additional benefits of using our service include:

  • Guarantees that the statement of purpose we provide satisfies all of your requirements and is delivered on time.
  • Budget-friendly rates that students can afford
  • Easy online order and payment process
  • Customer support 24/7
  • Contact us for an effective MBA SOP including a statement of purpose for MBA in communication that will improve your chances of being accepted into the program that you want.

We can give the best assistance for your MBA in information systems!

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