MBA SoP to a Specific MBA School Writing

Target your MBA SOP for a successful application

A targeted MBA statement of purpose has a much better chance of getting you accepted into a MBA program than one that is not targeted. Often, the information you need for targeting your MBA SOP is available on the school website or various MBA blogs.

Ways to target your MBA SOP

The following are 8 tips for how your statement of purpose MBA can target a specific school:

statement of purpose mbaHow well do you fit the statistical profile of the average student where you are applying. This isn’t really targeting a school but should be done. If your GPA and test scores are significantly lower than the average applicant your chance of being accepted is slim and the effort better spent elsewhere.

target your mba sop

statement of purpose mbaShow a connection to the program – A friend or family member who attended and recommended it can count a little in your favor

statement of purpose mbaMention a specific feature of the program you desire – Name a specific class or other aspect of the program that attracted you to the program.

statement of purpose mbaIs there a professor you particularly admire or want to study under – Similar to number 3, mentioning a particular professor you would like to learn from can be helpful

statement of purpose mbaShow a link between career goals and the specific program you are applying for. This can be very effective. The more you discuss the way a program fits your future goals niche the better.

statement of purpose mbaVisit the campus – Mention your visit and some aspect of the visit that particularly impressed you

statement of purpose mbaConsider factors such as location, weather, local industries that match your interest and cultural connections. On their own they don’t add much but together and added in with other factors they can make a difference.

statement of purpose mbaLook at a statement of purpose sample for MBA successful program applicants to see how others have succeeded, but do not copy

statement of purpose mbaAdmissions boards want students who will complete their program. If your grades and test scores are borderline but they see that their program is very important to your specific career goals your chances for being accepted have improved. Although there haven’t been comprehensive studies done, some believe if you target your MBA SOP properly your chances of being accepted can improve by over 50 percent.

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