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List of Top 10 MBA Schools in USA

Here is a brief review of top MBA schools in USA for international students. Do not rush since you can find common US admission criteria and valuable application tips like what to to if you don’t have GMAT. Keep on reading!
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Top MBA Colleges in USA Fees & Factors to Keep in Mind

What factors should you consider when choosing an MBA program or top MBA colleges in USA with fees? Before you start writing a statement of purpose for scholarship, check them out in the following.

  • Program length: It sets your study pace along with the re-entry speed into the industry or job market. If you have focused career goals, you might want to opt for the fast track program.
  • Location: The school’s recruitment ties and strengths have to do with the location. For example, schools located in California are immersed in startup and tech companies in the Silicon Valley. On the other hand, those in small towns are known for their supportive communities.
  • Specialization and strengths: Schools have their strengths in specialization. For example, there are those know for technology, business or finance.  On the other hand, some schools are known for their flexible curriculum, letting you explore elective and experiential opportunities. Consider the school’s curriculum and teaching style based on your interest area.
  • Network: A few alumni networks are concentrated geographically than others are. Other factors involved include the ways students are ranking their network of alumni.
  • Prestige: A brand recognition and prestige can be a major difference. For example, schools like Stanford and Harvard do not only rank high but also known globally for their reputation and alumni strength.
  • Culture and personality: Know the school’s overall vibe. Does it have a collaborative and team-oriented surrounding or a competitive classroom? Visit the campus to feel it. Considering the culture of the school, you will be able to find your fit.
  • Cost: Experts reveal that costlier programs, such as the top MBA schools in USA, have potentials for greater long-term returns on investment. When choosing an MBA program or school, consider the cost carefully. This will also help you determine if you can afford to study in the program or not.
  • Career opportunities: Talk to some alumni and know their experiences with the career service of the university. Is it proactive in reaching out to the network of students? Does the school offer students the ability to participate in career treks?

how to apply for mba in usa with the best mba sop writers

How to Apply to US MBA Program

Aside from eligibility for MBA in USA for Indian students, see the following for a list of the main documents or application requirements of many USA MBA programs.

  • Undergraduate degree
  • Graduate record or graduate management admission test
  • Minimum B average
  • Applicant should have one year of related work experience if he or she only completed a three-year degree
  • At least two years of relevant post degree, life experience or full time work experience
  • Professional work experience
  • Unofficial copies of GRE or GMAT scores
  • Online application completion that includes a resume, essays, references
  • Transcript copies from all attended post secondary schools

What to Do If I Don’t Have GMAT

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Cheapest MBA in USA for International Students

What is the cheapest MBA in USA for international students? The following ones are considered the most affordable ones: 

  • University of Hawaii, Manoa Shidler: $14,934
  • Lamar University, Texas: $15,868
  • University of North Carolina, Wilmington: $17,300

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What Services We Offer

We can help you out at any stage of MBA application. Here are the most common services ordered by our clients:

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Remember these top 10 MBA schools tips and shine in your statement of purpose MBA today!