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What Do You Need to Know About MBA Aspirants SOP

What Is a MBA Aspirants SoP?

A MBA aspirants SoP is merely the statement of purpose from a person who aspires to have an MBA. In other words, it is the statement of purpose for an applicant to any MBA program.

Preparing the MBA Aspirants SoP

The format for the statement of purpose for MBA aspirants is the same as that for any MBA statement of purpose. It will depend to a certain degree on the school applied to and if there are any special format requirements expected. If there isn’t the statement of purpose that MBA aspirants write will likely be a 4 or 5 paragraph paper ranging from 300 words to as many as a thousand words or so depending on length restrictions set forth by the particular school and its MBA program. The admissions boards reviewing the SoP of MBA aspirants will be the same review boards that review any MBA program applicant’s statement of purpose. Five features that MBA aspirants SoP should contain are:

  • Reasons for wanting to obtain the particular MBA that they aspire to. Admissions boards want to know an applicant’s specific reasons for pursuing a MBA.
  • Reasons for choosing a particular school and its MBA program. What is it about the school and program that attracted you and made you apply there.
  • Short and long term goals in the particular area to which you are applying. Specific goals should be related
  • Personal qualifications – Show some personal attributes you have that aren’t reflected by test scores or other documents that make you suitable to the MBA program you aspire to.
  • School/program research – Include some information that shows you have taken the time to research the school and its program. This should be information that isn’t readily available to everybody.

While there aren’t exact figures, there are around 200,000 applicants or MBA aspirants to MBA programs in the United States on a yearly basis. Harvard MBA programs receive well over 9000 applications a year for just over 900 available seats, while some schools receive less than 100 applications. Acceptance rates at the top 20 schools range from around 5 to 18 percent. If you are an MBA aspirant without the time to work on a good statement of purpose, our service can help.

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