Why Is Statement of Purpose for MBA Required?

statement of purpose for mba

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What Is the Statement of Purpose for MBA Application?

The statement of purpose for MBA application is an essential part of the application process. It provides applicants with what is often the only chance they have to directly address admissions boards. The MBA application SoP is your chance to make a case for your acceptance into an MBA program.

The Importance of the Statement of Purpose for MBA Applicants

There is plenty of competition out there when you are applying for an MBA program. Any applicant will have similar test scores and grade point averages and be equally well qualified. The statement of purpose may end up being the deciding factor between some of those accepted and others who were not. The SoP for MBA applicants provides admissions boards with more personal insight into applicants and gives them some information about applicant’s character and qualities that are not easily quantified by test scores and grade point averages.

Things that admissions boards like to see in an applicant’s statement of purpose include:

mba application sopYour reasons for pursuing an MBA

mba application sopWhy you want to attend their particular school and program. What attracted you to this program?

mba application sopPersonal attributes or characteristics you have that qualify you to be admitted to the program that isn’t reflected in other documents.

mba application sopAn interesting story. A story or anecdote from your past that is relevant and interesting is interesting to those reading your personal statement.

mba application sopAn ability to communicate effectively. Admissions boards like to see personal statements that demonstrate applicants writing abilities and how well they communicate

The Following Is a Sample of an MBA Statement of Purpose:

“My personal and professional success is mainly attributable to my tenacious personality and my willingness to take calculated risks. I would never have graduated from college without tenacity. I bore the sole burden for my tuition and fees, along with my living expenses for the duration of college. I completed my BS in four years by taking out student loans and working full-time over summers and holidays, managing an overall GPA of 3.75.

During my senior year, I decided to test my entrepreneurial spirit by opening a business for computer software. Armed with my classroom experience and three hundred dollars, I advertised my software over the Internet. I continually pumped profits back into the business, running more ads and improving my site’s position in search engines. Despite the competitive nature of the software business, my firm continues to grow each year. Since 2004, my son and I have survived strictly on the profits from my Internet business.

Looking back, many of my best decisions were considered ill-advised by family and friends. I am always willing to put my money, time and reputation on the line for a cause in which I believe. In my spare time, I volunteer at a shelter for abused women and children in the Houston area. As a successful single mom, I am a realistic role model for women who question whether their professional dreams can come true. I am living proof that with tenacity and a willingness to assume calculated risks, anything is possible.”

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