Writing a SoP Computer Science

Make a Good Impression Using Professional Computer Science SoP

sop computer scienceYour statement of purpose for MS in computer science is one of the best ways in order for you to tell your story and offer your readers something personal. In writing your SoP computer science, one of the most important things that you should always remember is that this is not an extension of your CV. You should make use of this written requirement in order to make a lasting impression to the admission committee. Considering the number of competition, a memorable SoP will definitely maximize your chances of admission.

Writing an SoP for Computer Science

While writing a SoP for computer science is a challenge for applicants in an equally challenging field, it is a rewarding experience to complete a stellar tailored piece. Universities are looking for students who are able to think on their own, have a strong grasp of the language and show passion for the field of computer science, which is why many ask why students want to apply and study in graduate school.

Highlight Why You Want to Become a Part of the Program

Most universities are not looking for students who are undecided or half-baked for the computer science field. Instead, they are seeking for candidates who show genuine interest in the field. They are looking for applicants that have done the needed study and worked hard to reach where they are now to prove that all those things done lead them to this application. Show them that you are ready for the program. Highlight the reasons you want to become a part of the program by writing about your experiences and accomplishments that take you to this point in your life when you are sincerely eager to learn about computer science, improve your knowledge and skills and contribute to the society with what experience you would gain from the program.

Choose a Central Story for SoP for Computer Science

While you may be itching to list down all the achievements, awards or accomplishments back in college or work experience, the statement is not the venue for listing them all down. Instead, select up to three significant achievements or accomplishments, which will relate and emphasize your unique story.  For example, pick leadership as a central theme. Support it with experiences or accomplishments that display how you excelled at being a leader of your team.

computer science employment statsWrite the Statement in a Concise Manner

Some students think of using highfaluting words and jargons to show their fluency and eloquence in English words and grammar.  However, it may do more harm than good to use this technique. Remember that your goal is to introduce yourself to the readers. You will not be able to achieve it if they will not be able to understand your statement due to those overused, tired phrases and difficult vocabulary. Tailor your statement according to your readers, use the active voice and strong verbs.  Write in short sentences and plain language. Do not beat around the bush, but answer the questions if there are. Stick to the word count and polish your SoP for computer science.

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