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iim calcutta executive mba

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Indian Institute of Management Calcutta was the first national institute for Post Graduate research and studies. The university has become a mature university with high quality education and global reputation. Over the years, the school has grown to become one of the finest business universities in Asia.

Admission to IIM Calcutta Executive MBA

executive mba from iim calcuttaCandidates need to carry valid ID

executive mba from iim calcuttaCandidates must need to settle the application fees of Rs 1000. For all programs, students need to make initial payment together with the fee in submitting the application form. The initial amount will be refunded if student is not selected

executive mba from iim calcuttaComplete CAF part A handwritten and online

executive mba from iim calcuttaComplete CAP Part B handwritten and online

executive mba from iim calcuttaSubmit photocopies and photo graphs together with supporting documents

Writing Executive MBA From IIM Calcutta Personal Statement Tips

To have a great IIM Calcutta executive MBA essay, it must not be sloppy and provide too much information. Here are some tips in writing the best personal statement that you can submit to the admission committee.

iim calcutta executive mbaStart early and allow yourself to create your personal stamen ahead of time

iim calcutta executive mbaEnsure that you follow guidelines. For some schools, the word count limit is 500 words

iim calcutta executive mbaMake sure to meet the deadline of submitting the essay

iim calcutta executive mbaBetter to tell a story instead of writing a report

iim calcutta executive mbaBe creative all the time

iim calcutta executive mbaAlways write with clarity

iim calcutta executive mbaIn writing, be specific in discussing your qualifications and other information

iim calcutta executive mbaBetter to customize our essay with details about business

Career Path for IIM Calcutta Graduates

If you have performed well in your studies and graduated with good grades, you are guaranteed to become part of great companies all over the world. There are lots of good careers waiting for you. You can apply for freelance work or become part of civic or rotary organizations to become speakers.

Becoming part of the MBA program of Calcutta is a great opportunity to expose oneself to lots of challenges, trainings and learning. Since it is one of the best schools in Asia, you can receive a high quality education that helps you to have good career and future. To check more options, have a look at the requirements for MDI Gurgaon executive MBA and IIM Ahmedabad executive MBA.

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