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Your Successful IIM Ahmedabad Executive MBA Admission

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The IIM Ahmedabad is a public school situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It’s one of the best universities in the country and in the Asia-Pacific region. In the year 1961, the school was established offering lots of programs for students.

IIM Ahmedabad Executive MBA Admission

When it comes to IIM Ahmedabad admission, students must need to meet the requirements to be eligible. It is advised that they apply ahead of time for a higher chance of getting accepted.

  • Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from a recognized institution
  • Minimum work to be between two to ten years
  • 27 years old is the minimum age limit

Admission to the IIMS executive programs is not different from the admission process of other programs. To make sure have a look at the requirements for IMT Ghaziabad executive MBA and IIT Delhi executive MBA. Candidates that are eligible need to take common admission test that is conducted each year for admission to management programs. The IIM Ahmedabad MBA fees varies depending on the course that students will get.

  • Executive PGP IIM-A= 21 lakhs fees
  • Executive General Management Program= 20 lakhs
  • Executive PGP IIM-I= 20 lakhs
  • Executive PGP IIM-CAL= 14 lakhs

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IIM Ahmedabad MBA Tips for Personal Statements

To write a good MBA SoP for IIM Ahmedabad application, use the following pieces of advice:

  • Tell a story. You need to tell a story about something that really matters to you. You need to paint a picture of who you are. You can tell a story about your real experiences or any events you attended that plays a great role in your life.
  • Adjust the essay to every school. If you are applying for more than one school, you need to create your essay specifically about them.
  • Do not repeat information. If you have submitted your transcript of record, do not repeat the facts or information that can be found in there or that can be found in any other materials that you have submitted. Your personal statement is a requirement where you share details about yourself.
  • Relate your story to the university itself. You can reveal a personal story that fits the school. Tell why you are fit for them and why are perfect to become part of the program. Do not forget that you also need to explain.

Career Path After IIM Ahmedabad Graduation

If you are looking for more unbiased, structured and formal job, you can choose to become part of career counseling and guidance after graduation.

To achieve success, do your best and meet all the requirements. Show what you’ve got to the admission committee to become part of the program.

And if you require help with your IIM Ahmedabad executive MBA, our experts are ready to give you a hand!